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You + Universe = Manifesteer

By angela
November 22, 2023

Last month, while recording the reading that I uploaded today, I wasn’t aware that I was about to begin a healing journey. I recorded the reading as usual, then shortly afterwards began to feel just a tiny bit funky.

My eyes burned slightly. I don’t tend to get headaches, but on this day my entire skull felt like it was being squeezed in a vise. I took my favorite immune-boosting potion and went to bed early, figuring I’d be back on track the next day.

The next morning, The Rona arrived.

It had finally caught up to me (first-timer). Illness is a rare occurrence for me. My immune system is strong—I joke with my kids that I’m a sturdy girl! Even as I was raising my little ones—those years where viruses arrive like clockwork every autumn—I would rarely go down with a cold or flu. Maybe every 2-3 years, and for no more than 3-4 days at a time.

When I do get sick, I’m a hands-off patient. I just get right into it, succumbing to the reality of being unwell. This is an important factor for me. If I want to materialize being back in full form, this reality check serves as a jumping-off point. From there, I realign my energy with the outcome—working with mind, body, spirit—to return to a healthful state.

When I’m sick enough to be in bed, I typically don’t want or need anything from others. I love being left alone because my energy is solely focused on the journey back to wellness.

So when I saw the positive home test result, and even before any major symptoms kicked in, I immediately began co-creating with the Universe, looking forward to being whole again.

One of the tactics I employ during a healing, or in any manifestation practice, is a form of thought-switching. When my mind goes to an uncomfortable reality—such as how high the fever is or how achy, nauseous or fatigued I am—I replace it with a future thought. So the reality (“temperature is 102.5“) gets redirected to a future status (“soon it will be under 100“). This way, I’m not bemoaning or rejecting what is real, but at the same time I am not letting a difficult matter keep me down (hi, have we met? I’m the Brightsider!)

When I’m on a manifesting journey, my end game (in this case, full health) is always within sight. Timing isn’t as important to me as is the FOCUS.

This week’s reading guides us in a similar fashion. In those instances where we wish to transform and create a new state of being, the steps in this reading could come in handy.

Envision it. Feel it in a future state. Then plan, and execute.

Enjoy the reading, Manifesteers!


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