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Wrath: Anger’s Road To Revenge

By angela
November 29, 2023

Hi Dreamers! This week’s Soul Guidance Reading explores the energy of wrath and the intensified frustrations within us that, left unprocessed, can take us down a slippery slope—leading to feelings of resentment, despair, or even revenge.

As I’ve been digging up old memories, trying to bring forth a story to share with you, I realized I don’t really do revenge. I can’t think of a time in my life where I actively sought serious retribution against someone.

But if we’re talking about resentment—a few degrees milder than revenge—then sit back and enjoy, because man, do I have some stories to share!

Several embittered adventures come to mind:

There’s the time I let my roommate slide on her share of the utilities until she owed me so much she couldn’t pay up. It reached a point where resentment was like a low, rolling boil in my gut. One day I ended up in a screaming match with her, demanding that she write me that check NOW! I was maybe twenty. It stands out in my memory because I generally don’t engage in loud arguments. This memory still feels distressing.

Or when I sorely needed work and took a job that I was overqualified for—at entry-level wages. When I eventually (and predictably) over-delivered, the boss casually thanked me without recognition of my “above and beyond” performance. No raise, no promotion, even though I was confident I earned both. Annoying.

And then there was the landlord who rented that cute but troublesome old beach house to me, fresh off of a divorce. Moving two counties away and with three kids in tow, I was grateful to have a space to live in. However, in my eagerness I missed the looming implications when he subtly mentioned “as is” while handing me the key. (The entire rental process was very unusual. I never signed an agreement with him, and yet it was clear I was on my own with the upkeep.) As time wore on, so did the house. After five years we moved on, but not before my irritation level reached its peak.

In reminiscing over these memories, I see two truths. Above all, I recognize that each of these situations were created with my approval.

I permitted the roommate’s utilities tab to rise above affordability.

I said yes to the low-paying position, and I voluntarily performed outside the parameters of the job description.

I took those keys from the landlord’s hand and remained in that sweet little dilapidated house for years.

Bottom line: I was in control of the outcomes at every turn.

The second thing I notice is that as my internal power diminishes, the resentment escalates. This is a direct correlation, in my experience. Giving away my personal power (such as saying yes when I mean no) leaves me feeling more frustrated and less free.

Feeling disempowered sucks, but who gives the power away in the first place? (ahem. hello!)

This week’s Soul Guidance Reading takes us through some possible steps to regain inner strength in the face of wrath, whether it stems from an outside source or from within our Soul.


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