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Wounded Healer: Drawing Strength From Pain

By angela
February 7, 2024

My sister Michele (aka Mimi😍) is a powerhouse. Lately I’ve really noticed the ways in which she embodies the Wounded Healer archetype. I’ve observed her numerous times as she provides strength and support for others when they’re down, even amidst her own anguish.

As is the case for many of us, life has carved deep grooves into her Soul, leaving scars wrought by pain and adversity. And yet without fail, if you’re in need Mimi will welcome you with open arms. She’ll take you right in, hug you, feed you, clothe you, make you laugh and keep you safely sheltered.

Despite her own pain. Because of it, really.

My baby sister is one Badass Dandelion Queen. (This will make sense later on, I promise lol)

Mimi’s had quite the journey these past few years. It’s been both painful and freeing, in ways. She navigated a fairly tense divorce and then segued into single parenthood. Her youngest boy moved out of state with his dad to finish high school, and she misses him terribly. She lost two pets within months of each other. All in all, it was more than enough for one person to endure in a short time.

Yet each loss only served to strengthen her heart. Her sheer will and perseverance seemed to refortify with every hit.

She caught a hefty case of covid, requiring extra time to recover but gifting her with a sharper focus on what truly matters. From there, she changed jobs a few times on her way to the ideal position. She ended some misaligned, expired friendships.

Out of struggle and adversity, she had emerged lighter, with new resolve and a clear sense of what she wants.

As recently as a few weeks ago I watched as Mimi grieved the tragic loss of two of her family’s loved ones, both in their 20s. She has been there in support of both families as needed. She knows the depths of such despair and shares in their pain.

Still, she continues to forge ahead, serving as a healing source to those around her. Just this week, she offered a room to friends as they transition between homes. (Her favorite thing is to cook for lots of people, so we can count that one as an even exchange.😉)

Despite the weight of her burdens, she extends her hand and heart to anyone who needs support. Ultimately, it contributes to her own healing. This is the way of the Wounded Healer.

This week’s Soul Guidance centers around that very energy, using plant life as a metaphor. Like the Wounded Healer, the dandelion draws strength from its struggles. Though it has medicinal and culinary value, most humans see this flowering plant as a weed, so it gets trampled on and uprooted constantly.

Yet it persists. Its deep taproot provides stability and once ready, the white fluffy seed head disperses new life all around.

In essence, dandelions hold a mirror to the inner journey of the Wounded Healer, transforming suffering into the very source of our healing.

As does my sister, who proves the resilience of the human spirit and serves as a beacon of hope for those who seek comfort.


I hope you enjoy this reading!

P.S. Mimi is also funny as all hell! I’ll share some of my favorite Mimi-isms in future posts.


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2 comments on “Wounded Healer: Drawing Strength From Pain”

  1. Mimi sounds like a tremendous human being. Challenges spark some Souls into events of extraordinary conditions. WOW!!! I can hardly imagine her experience. May she continue to be Blessed with the heart to find her way as she maintains her inspirational outlook. Incredible.

    1. I’d love for you to read her chart, Davida! We’re both strong women but we apply our strength in different ways. ✨

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