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When Drama Knocks, Do You Let It In?

By angela
January 17, 2024

In the 90s, I worked at a small biotech company. (Remember when they laid me off just before maternity leave?) That position was my last stint in the world of traditional office jobs. I was an executive assistant, stationed in a quad-like room with other support staff, a setting that felt like one of those old-school secretarial pools. 

My typical daily routine—aside from the busyness of work—involved loads of laughter, a few whispered conversations, and the enticing allure of office gossip.

Our little space brought some major water cooler vibes. We repped a diverse mix of departments—the clinical lab, medical director, investor relations, lead scientists. Lots of fellow employees came through daily, whether they had business to address or not.

Just about everyone had a story to share, even (especially!) some that weren’t theirs to tell.

Our room was the epicenter for all of the unofficial corporate insider info. Our informal and fearless leader was Tasha (name has been changed to protect the guilty 😆). Tasha was like the office concierge. She sat directly inside the entrance, on the left. While it’s true that her desk was in one of the two best positions for her to be the gatekeeper, it was her personality that really made her so.

Tasha loved (and craved) that dirty lowdown!

Coming in at close second, Diane sat just across from Tasha, at the front right side of the room. She was a hoot! Diane didn’t get as many direct visitors, though. Tasha the Concierge had first dibs there.

When Tasha was in whispers with a co-worker (this occurred at least thrice daily), I’d watch with a chuckle as Diane scooted her chair—pretending to work by shuffling papers—and leaned her body closer so as to hear the convo. I remember imagining that Diane’s ear grew triple in size in these moments, like a cartoon. I even envisioned her falling off the chair sometimes. She was so eager to be in on all of the secrets!

My desk was positioned in the back corner, behind a high cubicle wall. It was an ideal spot for me. From my vantage point, hidden yet observant, I soaked in all the drama. No subject was off limits: in-house illicit affairs, personal life skeletons, employees about to be axed, and co-workers who despised one another.

It was an ongoing delivery of tawdry stories and I found it all so amusing! And yes, I would occasionally join in on the scuttlebutt sessions.

However, my higher self was not pleased. As enjoyable as it seemed, a lingering internal conflict tugged at my heart. Beneath the surface of laughter and camaraderie, there was an undercurrent of guilt.

Shame, even. We weren’t meant to know any of these rumors.

Such persistent chitchat was decidedly low-vibrational. At the time, I justified it as harmless fun because I didn’t know most of the subjects personally.

My inner Self knew better.

As I evolve, I’ve adopted a new approach to gossip and other dramatic encounters. If possible, I step away from such scenarios. If I can’t distance myself physically, I let my inner Brightsider take over. When someone criticizes, I try and find a way to praise. If negativity permeates, I seek neutral ground and offer a positive take.

A fictional example goes like this:

Sally exclaims, “She won’t call me back, she’s such a bitch!” to which I might reply, “It must be hard for her to juggle two jobs and three kids. I don’t know how she does it.”

By maintaining this energy of a No Drama Zone, my own vibe remains elevated, and I find it easier to be an uplifting and supportive resource for those around me. It’s way more fulfilling than getting involved in dirty laundry.

My track record isn’t perfect, but my progress is undeniable.

The Soul Guidance reading for this week addresses how we may change the course of dramatic uprisings before they sink your vibration. Bring love into the situation. Enjoy!

Watch the reading here.


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