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Welcome to Dreamers Digest: Your Weekly Energy Update

By angela
April 4, 2023

Welcome to our very first Dreamers Digest, your weekly energy update report from Grounded Dreamers, a growing community of Souls.

I woke up today feeling a certain way. Is it just me, or are there some major vibes of change in the air? 

Big changes indeed—the Full Moon in Libra (April 5) is opposed by Chiron (aka the wounded healer). This is just one aspect of the current planetary shifts, but a key takeaway from this full moon is: we are on a healing path.  

Speaking of healing paths, I invite you to sign up for Pause at the Well, a weekly 30-minute Zoom group where I collaborate with Maria Mellano of Integral Bloom. In this virtual gathering we share our successes, our challenges, and then set our intentions for the coming week, supported by a Soul Guidance Reading that I do for the collective.

It’s truly a lovely group and a safe space for your Soul to explore. I would love to see you there! Click the link above to sign up.

P.S. Mondays don’t work for you? You can always catch up with these readings on my YouTube channel. Here’s a link to the latest one (while you’re there, hit the Subscribe button!).

Soul Guidance from the Well: Purify your energy


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