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Unhooking Denial and Releasing Pain

By angela
May 31, 2023

True story: when I pulled the first card for this week’s reading, my mind immediately said “NO. Put it back. Choose another.”

The card was DENIAL. (cue my inner being LOLing at me)

This week’s Soul Guidance addresses how we use denial to deal with uncomfortable, lower vibrational feelings such as pain, fear, anger, judgment, shame, despair, etc. When these emotions arise, we can tend to suppress and stash them away from our awareness, with the hope that they’ll stay gone.

Out of sight, out of mind, yes? (another LOL from Spirit)

Distressing as they may be, these feelings must be fully felt as they arise in order to move past them swiftly and keep our energy flowing with ease. What we ignore and bury will only fester within our Souls, growing much like an underground root system. Over time those roots may thicken and strangle our inner being, holding us in place and preventing Soul growth.

When we choose to face and embrace these troublesome feelings as they occur, it shortens their life, dims their intensity and enables us to experience life more freely and honestly.

Ready to uproot the pain? Here’s the link to the full reading:

Soul Guidance Reading: unhooking denial


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