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The Lack Trap: Choosing A New View

By angela
January 31, 2024

Hey Dreamers! You might remember that I recently wrote about how our family moved nine times before I entered high school, and how this may have contributed to the emergence of my inner Brightsider. The constant renewal that came with moving every couple of years was an early lesson in adaptability, but also one of knowing how and when to shift my perspective from darkness to light, or empty to full.

As a young girl, I didn’t always carry an optimistic outlook. My bright and shiny outward Self was often betrayed by an undercurrent of low confidence within. I clearly recall having internal conversations that sounded much more like admonitions than encouragement.

Upon trying something new, I’d occasionally hear my unpolished Self say any one of the following, “You can’t. Who do you think you are? Everyone’s watching and expecting you to fail. They talk about you behind your back. Don’t even try. You’re not strong/smart/talented enough. You don’t have what it takes to ____________.”

You. Don’t. Measure. Up.

How did I change all that? Through conscious choice, over many years. Indeed, it was a gradual transformation. Shifting our mindset takes time and practice, no matter our age.

Early on, many aspects of my life had me dwelling on how I wasn’t up to snuff: breakups, average test scores (ugh I was also an over-achiever), friendships ending, the clothes I wore, the car I drove…never enough.

Beginning at some point during grade school and spanning a couple decades, I instinctively began to adjust my responses to unfulfilling situations. These incremental changes in perspective added up, eventually taking root. I journeyed from “no, never” to “hmmm, maybe” to “why not?” and finally made my way to mostly “YES, girl!” As I practiced a more consistent positive attitude, the Brightsider gained traction and became better empowered to guide me forward.

Over time, it became natural to see that half-full glass.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

In later years, as I began to expand my focus from Self to the collective and this vast Universe, the sense of possibility and abundance came sharply into view.

And I held my gaze. Now, seeing what’s possible comes as second nature.

These days when I encounter others who are stuck in a Lack Trap, I feel a sense of discomfort. It’s like watching someone fixate on the half-empty glass while ignoring the potential for it to be refilled. I find myself interjecting with new ideas and possible solutions, not to invalidate their feelings or experiences, but to offer a glimpse of the plenitude that exists in All That Is.

It goes without saying that everyone’s journey is their own, and we are only ready or willing to embrace the light when we feel we can. All I can do is offer support and to show through my own actions and attitudes that it’s possible to rise above adversity and find joy in the midst of sorrow.

We are largely in control of how our lives take shape. Through our thoughts, beliefs and actions, we have the power to justify (and build on) scarcity OR abundance.

Though our minds may trick us into believing otherwise, seeing lack and/or abundance is a deliberate choice. What does your Soul say, dear Dreamer?

This week’s intuitive reading will offer us one way to begin to shift our intentions toward what’s possible. Let’s go!

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