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The Answer is YES!

By angela
August 2, 2023

Hello dear Dreamers,

Recently, my girls turned 18 and the financial support from my ex came to an end.

Obviously it wasn’t unexpected, yet it still felt abrupt. We’re not talking a whole ton of cash here, but the regular deposits into my account had long been a welcome bump to my monthly budget. So when it ended, I felt the gap.

Though the deficit wasn’t insurmountable, I slipped into that mental “broken record” phase. I’m sure you can relate—that unrelenting “worry chatter” in your mind that, if left unattended, can eventually be taken as true.

“How can I possibly function without this money?” 

“What if I lose my car/home/ability to fend for myself?”

“I NEED that money!”

“What am I going to do??”

After a while (okay, it was maybe only a few days) I’d had enough of this fear and pessimism. If you remember my story a few weeks back, there’s a reason I’ve dubbed myself The Brightsider. I simply can’t stay down for long.

I flipped the script in my mind and began saying YES. 

“I may have lost that specific support, but look at where I’m supported in all these (waves hands) other areas in my life!”

“I always have enough!”

“I’m a creator!” (I said this one a LOT—out loud.)

Soon after, I took on two new clients in my day biz. And in the near future, I’ll add even more revenue and will be in a position to subcontract some of that work out, freeing up time for myself. Ahhh, I can already feel the breathing space…

Because I said YES. 

In what ways can you invite more YES into your life? I’d love to hear from you!

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