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Strip Down To Nothing…A Soul’s Rebirth

By angela
July 26, 2023

Hey all!

So…the big news in my world this summer is that my twins graduated from high school on June 9th.

From the moment they were born and up until that very date, my whole dang self was absorbed in their wellbeing. It’s a side effect of parenting, as we quickly learn. Every one of their wants, needs and heartaches felt like my own, and with urgency to boot. For a couple decades I was always at the ready to respond in service to all three of my kids.

During the few weeks after grad day, it felt like I was floating in space, completely untethered from the life I had been living—and to a point, from the identity I had established and defined as my own.

Now—energetically speaking—I have suddenly become this empty vessel. My sense of time (what day is it, anyway?) and purpose have radically shifted. No more crammed beyond belief calendar! No more instant pivoting, dropping my plans the moment something came up in their lives that required my involvement. 

It took a couple weeks for me to realize that this delicious emptiness is now my life.

The path ahead is cleared, the future is vast and is also MINE TO CREATE. Onward!

In this week’s Soul Guidance Reading, we go on a journey of release, emptiness, possibility, trust and rebirth.

It’s a whole vibe! Get into it with me!


my loves, the graduates


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