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Soul Storms: Cultivating Inner Harmony

By angela
March 20, 2024

Dearest Dreamer…what’s your go-to move when faced with a sudden, major life challenge?

Once the initial shock and disbelief wears off, do you sink into your feelings of fear, sorrow or anger? Perhaps you’re a “fixer” and you bypass the feelings (either temporarily or permanently) as you actively seek real-world solutions to get your life back on track. Do you turn to loved ones for emotional comfort, or for some form of practical assistance as you mitigate the impact of upheaval?

Undoubtedly we’ve all weathered a few “thunderstorms” of the Soul—those moments when an unforeseen jolt radically enters our experience, disrupting our sense of security. Can you recall such an event, Dreamer? What did you do about it? How did you feel after a day, a week, or even months and years later?

Allow me to share with you one profoundly shocking and frightening event from my life:

Thirty-three years ago this month, my mother Nettie received a diagnosis that shook our family to its core, and her underlying response was both unexpected and inspiring.

It started with a tickle. She said it felt like there was a bit of lint or a strand of hair at the back of her throat. A minor annoyance at first, but when it persisted she consulted her doctor, who ran some tests. The verdict was skin cancer on her tonsil, an fairly uncommon occurrence that initially left the ENT specialist puzzled. He was also slightly alarmed by its rapid metastasis, so he promptly outlined a daunting treatment plan of surgery, radiation and chemo that would last close to four months, followed by a challenging road to recovery.

Fear gripped us all as we faced the uncertainty of the journey ahead—except for mom, who remained remarkably composed and fearless, showing no external signs of worry. Personally, I was so stunned by the news that I barely registered this fact at the time. While she may not have shown any anxiety, my own mind was consumed by this gut-wrenching, devastating idea that I might not move forward in life with my momma by my side.

For those familiar with her, Nettie is truly an extraordinary Soul. She thoroughly embodies the energy of love, and anyone lucky enough to encounter her immediately feels its warmth. (When I was young, she was everyone’s “cool mom,” the one whom all my friends wanted to be around.) Like a soft blanket, her nurturing kindness provides a sense of warmth and security that leaves a lasting impression on all who know her.

I won’t go into too many details, but the surgery she endured was called a “radical neck dissection.” You can fill in the blanks! I’ll never forget those words—they still scare me. The procedure was aggressive and understandably worrisome for the family.

But here’s the kicker: mom never felt for a minute that this disease would end her life. She later told me that she was baffled at how we expressed so much fear that she might not make it through this. She remembers thinking, “What’s wrong with everyone? How do they not see that I’M GOING TO BE JUST FINE?”

This is who mom is. Her internal voice is louder than anything else around her, even in the face of such a dire situation. Her unwavering trust in the Divine—and her innate knowing that harmony is cultivated within—is what got her through this ordeal.

Mom continues to prioritize her wellbeing, possibly even more so after that year—one that brought setbacks and restarts as she adapted to post-treatment realities. Today, she has long passed the milestone for being cancer-free.

Throughout this journey, she regularly tapped into her inner power, channeling it to manifest continued wellness. As her daughter, I was gifted with a front row seat as she modeled for me the grace and resilience it takes to get past life’s thunderstorms.

Nettie’s story is a testament to the power of belief, manifestation, and spiritual connection in overcoming life’s greatest challenges. This week’s Soul Guidance Reading shows us how to go within, pause and listen, and ultimately find clarity and stability on the steps ahead.

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2 comments on “Soul Storms: Cultivating Inner Harmony”

  1. “As her daughter, I was gifted with a front row seat as she modeled for me the grace and resilience it takes to get past life’s thunderstorms.” You shared a little of this with me already. Your mom has my admiration , and your responses to and integration of all this quiet and fullness and intuition is beautiful. Nettie’s mantle has been disseminated through the family, and the light is palpable, warm, active. Always enjoy your sharing of your history.

  2. Read this, and watched the YouTube version seemingly minutes after your posting late last night. I typed out a pretty emotionally packed 5 or 6 liner in the box here, and the gosh darn site or system kept insisting I “sent a message like this before ” (or something to that affect), and would not allow click to send. I tried several times, finally giving up. Anyway, bottom line, I admire your mom’s tender power, and am actively appreciative of that very same mantle making its way through you, and your present family dynamics/members. You’re a lightful, kind-hearted, present and real crowd of folks. Always enjoy your sharing personal history this way, and I wish you a March ahead of wonder and satisfaction. Let’s hope I can click to send on this one.

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