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Soul Loss: Returning To Our Light

By angela
February 21, 2024

I navigated through one of the most arduous periods of my life from 2008-2015. During these years I experienced a series of hardships that, when added up over time, resulted in what is known as Soul Loss.

I can’t quite pinpoint the initial time or event that led to this inner erosion. Likely it began prior to 2008, aka the Year of the Divorce. Certainly, the desire to separate and leave my marriage came about BECAUSE I was feeling detached from my Soul. I was so immersed in raising three kidlets that once I came up for air and looked around, it was clear that the marital foundation was disintegrating. I was fully burned out, and all I could manage at the time was to maintain a focus on child-raising. There was no spare energy to recapture the wispy thread that held the marriage together.

So we split. I became a single mom. Very soon after, the high school sweetheart I’ve mentioned in past stories walked into my life. (Are you tired yet of hearing about this dude?😆This story gets mentioned often because it was one of the most profound growth phases of my lifetime.)

Soul Loss eventually led me to the full unveiling of my truest Self.

Soul Loss is a survival mechanism where the ego takes over as a protective measure against overwhelming distress. It can occur following a sudden, life-changing traumatic event or, as in my case, during prolonged periods of adversity. The Soul shuts itself off, hiding away in safety from deep emotional pain. We’re left feeling empty, fragmented, and distanced from our true essence.

You’ve heard the phrase “going through the motions,” yes? It speaks to a sense of hollowness within as we forge ahead with our daily obligations. Often, we put others before ourselves. When we’re in this state of being, there’s very little genuine engagement or emotional investment.

For me, the combination of divorce, single parenthood, financial strain and a love relationship that never felt stable was the perfect blend for this kind of spiritual depletion. The persistence of such challenges over several years’ time gradually obscured the connection to my inner being, until I felt almost unrecognizable.

The post-divorce relationship was a fun distraction. Looking back, I see how I clung to it because it offered a fleeting sense of wholeness amidst the struggles of my life.

Indeed, this was an illusion. Though it lasted several years, this love affair was a detour. My path back to alignment was never going to include someone else. This work was an inside, solo job.

There’s something to be said about aloneness. I often speak of this in readings and find it deeply insightful: Aloneness is not the same as loneliness. True aloneness requires a full presence of Self. It’s an empowering space to inhabit.

By the time that connection dissolved, I was left feeling raw and vulnerable. And pretty weighed down. I lingered in this state for a bit, lost and directionless within. Thankfully, my Momma duties provided purpose, even as I clung to the misguided view that a new love would make me feel whole. Having been part of a couple for 25 years, my instinct was to find romance again.

Instead, I held put. There, from that emptiness inside, the quest for Soul restoration was to begin. Onward! ✊🏽lol

You know how an excavator digs out a big scoop of earth to prepare for an in-ground pool? That’s what I was inside. An empty basin. And as with building a pool, I was preparing to be filled with joy.

The journey was not easy. I had many moments of doubt, questioning whether I would ever feel myself again. With each day, week, month that passed, I began to anchor into the depth of my being. The seeking of guidance outside of myself became secondary to my own wisdom, and eventually I released the desire for external validation altogether.

Little did I know at the time that my next meaningful relationship would be with my Self.

This week’s intuitive reading provides guidance for Soul retrieval, from the inside out.✨

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