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Soul Guidance

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Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
- Theodore Roosevelt
Soul Guidance Reading

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What is a
Soul Guidance Reading?

Soul Guidance intuitive readings are divinely designed to provide insight and clarity on a soul level, which has potential to translate into an enhanced life experience. Using oracle and tarot cards as tools, this is a collaborative experience—an exchange of energy that works to shift your perspective to a higher level of consciousness. The more receptive you feel, the deeper this reading will resonate, providing you with focus and direction that will support in creating energetic shifts in your life.

Please note that an intuitive reading is not an absolute prediction of events. It is to be interpreted as suggested guidance and does not purport to replace legal, medical, financial or professional advice. Using personal judgment and common sense should factor into this process.

Much love,
Angela Marie
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What Clients Are Saying

  • I’ve been fortunate to have received wonderful readings from Angela. She uses her cards as a tool to express and contribute her amazing intuition and wisdom, with a strong connection to Source. I’ve loved her readings which have always been fresh and aligned to the moment and issue at hand. Thank you Angela! 
    Venus O.
    Creativity Coach/Artist
  • I have found Angela’s readings invaluable. For me, she has utilized several Tarot decks while tapping into divine guidance in ways that are deep, thoughtful and surprising.

    The information is always on point and has brought me great personal insight.
    K. Melissa Waterman
    Psychotherapist and Energy Worker | Pleasant Valley, NY
  • I was lucky enough to be introduced to Angela and have had a few wonderful, on target, and incredibly intuitive readings.

    I felt like even connected through zoom, Angela was able to connect with me energetically where my readings felt fluid and strongly connected to my best self, and true intuition.

    I have a master’s degree in early childhood education, and hold my teaching license to teach PreK-2nd grade. These readings have helped me to connect more deeply to myself, and have given me great insight on my next steps. I highly recommend Angela for a reading!
    Sarah S.
    Preschool Director | Boston, MA
  • Angela is an incredible intuitive and her utilization of the tarot opens deep heartfelt discussion and realizations.

    Using rich visual symbology of the tarot as descriptive mirrors of and metaphors for internal processes allows for positive engagement with growth lessons and ways to move forward through challenging circumstances.

    The spiritual element of life is joyfully enhanced through readings with Angela.

    Anyone seeking greater understanding and alignment with life processes would be empowered working with Angela.
    Karen P.
    Project Manager/Business Development Director | Greenbrae, CA
  • Angela’s readings are so profound. She’s like an intuitive guide with so much wisdom and spiritual insight.

    Her ability to connect the dots and tell a story is absolutely magical. A session with her is like a therapy session, a spiritual practice, and a healing conversation with a close friend all rolled into one.

    She is inspiring, wise, and truly gifted. I highly recommend working with her if you are feeling stuck, feeling uninspired, or just looking for some practical guidance.
    DeeDee H.
    CEO/Art Director | San Francisco, Ca
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