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Soul Expansion: Follow Your Heart

By angela
March 6, 2024

What moves your Soul, dear Dreamers?

How much time and energy do you devote to nurturing your passion? Is it seamlessly woven into your daily life to keep it alive, or does it live in a separate, secluded place where you access it only on occasion?

One of my personal passions is this very space. Grounded Dreamers began with a spark of inspiration and a different name: HeartPath Creations. Initially, I had a simple desire to connect with others and provide tools and ideas for Soul growth. While it may be considered a side project by most standards, it has long held a significant spot among my life’s priorities.

I’ve come to realize that this passion isn’t fleeting; it’s a driving force that continues to evolve.

In the beginning, I envisioned Grounded Dreamers to be a digital haven of positivity, showcasing uplifting news and human interest stories alongside an online store with a charity component. To me, giving back completes a necessary circle: contributing to the wellbeing of others is the foundation of the overall energetic health of the collective.

Over the years, this concept has shifted and developed into something greater, a vision that is still unfolding.

The journey has not been a linear one. It’s been a mix of both rapid expansion and slow, sometimes frustrating progression. Contrary to my typical “forge ahead” style, I’ve learned to relax into the flow of this project, letting it evolve organically and in its own time. (See my past blog that describes how I’ve come to embrace the flow: Big Picture Vibes: What are you reaching for?)

This “go with the flow” mentality has been essential in maintaining balance, particularly as a single momma, where my responsibilities have historically consumed most of my mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. Only in the past year or so has my schedule eased enough to allow me to consistently dedicate time to this project—hence, the creation of this blog. Now that I’ve raised three kidlets into adulthood, my weekly commitment to this venture has risen up higher on my list of priorities.

Emerging from that first spark of passion, Grounded Dreamers aims to become a true sanctuary for seekers, providing tools and insights to navigate their spiritual journeys.

Currently, this site offers intuitive readings, which is aligned with my core passion of helping others grow their Souls. However, in its future rendition, Grounded Dreamers will provide a host of offerings such as:

Mystical Faire: A virtual spirit fair offering sample sessions and workshops with healing arts practitioners. (We held two pilot events in the past, and it will be making a comeback this year!)

Dreamers Lounge: A free digital reference hub, featuring resources on topics like energy work, astrology, meditation, manifestation and much more—as well as insightful interviews with practitioners across various healing modalities.

Grounded Dreamers Academy: A collection of transformative courses facilitated by healers and visionaries.

Grounded Dreamers Bazaar: An online store showcasing heart-made products and services from artisans worldwide, echoing the ethos of giving back.

Dreamers Coterie: A paid membership offering for those who seek a higher and more personal level of access to our healers.

See how far passion can lead us? It’s a lot, huh! But wait! There’s more…

At the peak of my vision, Grounded Dreamers will allocate a percentage of all revenue streams into a number of charitable causes and will ultimately aim to establish itself as a certified B Corp, a testament to its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Dreamers, this marks the first time I’ve publicly shared the entire vision of what Grounded Dreamers may become.

I’ve gotta admit, it’s a little unnerving! My heart’s now fully exposed!😅

While it began with the humble idea of an online merch shop and uplifting human interest stories, my unwavering passion has cleared the path for Grounded Dreamers to become a beacon of love and growth for Dreamers everywhere, inherently contributing to the collective.

This week’s Soul Guidance reading provides a five-fold path to awaken your passion and embrace your Soul’s growth: dream it up, use your instincts, sharpen your focus, take command of your energy, and embrace the transformation.

Watch it here!


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