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Shaking things up!

By angela
April 12, 2023

Hey Dreamers!

When a major energy shift occurs, how do you respond? Does your “fight/flight/freeze” instinct take over? Which direction do you generally go in when upheaval meets you on your path?

In this week’s energy reading we explore an option other than fight, flight or freeze: acceptance.

This may feel counterintuitive to you. It sure does to me—when I’m triggered I can go into full resistance mode!

Next time you’re faced with an energetic “tsunami,” try acceptance. Drop all resistance. Pause, breathe, accept, align. Try to let the big moment pass without clinging to it or following its trajectory.

Acceptance may require us to reach for a higher vibration than we’re used to during stressful events. We may not get there every time, but the mere willingness to acknowledge and sit with stress can be the catalyst to a new, higher shift in perspective.

Check out the full video reading here on my YouTube Channel.


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