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Saying Hello (and buh-bye!) to Trauma

By angela
May 10, 2023

Hi Dreamers,

The Soul Guidance for this week is deep, man! This reading almost didn’t happen. When I pulled the first card—Soul Loss—I felt a weight, like an anchor that was sinking my energy down low. Then I pulled Darkness. Yikes! I actually said out loud, “that’s too heavy” (even though no one was around to hear).

There was a low-key fear stirring in my gut. I almost put the cards back in the deck. Naturally, Spirit had another idea: do the deeper work.

(wiping sweat from my forehead)

There is no magic move here. Nothing you might think, do or say will immediately wipe away all of your wounds. But you CAN safely bring them into the light. Just begin with one layer. Try and see your injuries with a new appreciation. Utilize the wisdom you’ve gained since the infliction. Trust your Self.

By greeting the traumatic experience with an open heart, you might free up energetic space, creating a looseness and some momentum to begin moving past the grip it has on your Soul.

Allow the trauma to be part of your experience, but not define who you are.

A gentle reminder: your path to healing is yours. No other being can, or will, walk the same route. It’s not a straight road, nor is it a quick journey.

Still, it most definitely can be fulfilling—and maybe even elevate your Soul.

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