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Restoring Balance After Upheaval

By angela
July 5, 2023


It’s the one constant in life. We may wrestle with it, become disturbed by it, and for a time even try to ignore it, but there comes a point when we must accept the inevitability of change. 

So yes, the tides are always turning, but what about tides that turn into a tsunami? How do you cope when faced with something that comes out of nowhere and shatters your game plan?

I once had a landlord who raised my rent by 45% (not a typo!). He gave me the required 60-day notice, but this was still a WHOPPER of a change! How was this even possible? What was I to do? Whaaaaatttttt whyyyyyy howwww omg!

After that fun little dance with panic, I turned toward the solution. I didn’t have one yet, but also knew I didn’t want to use my energy wallowing in the worry, so I embraced the shift and moved ahead.

Remember last week when I shared my semi-famous “it’s all going to be okay” response that I use for just about everything?

It totally was okay. {wink}

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