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Prepare for your Soul to expand!

By angela
May 17, 2023

Hey Dreamers,

This week’s energy reading prepares us for some powerful creative expansion. Now that eclipse season is over—and with the help of some earthy, Taurus vibrations—we can ground, reset and get ready for our next moves. Stability awaits, if we so choose!

First, we must create a stillness within. Through intentional moments of silence, we can tap into the Source that rests within our being. 

When I want to access my core, sometimes I imagine myself walking through a foggy forest, thick with trees. As I continue along my cloudy way, I come upon a meadow of clear, open space. This is my center, my resting spot. Ahhh, I can breathe easily once again…

Getting clear in this way helps me choose my path forward. How do you like to get grounded? Click the link below and leave a comment!

Watch the reading on my YouTube channel. 


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