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Path Of Renewal: A Chakra Journey

By angela
January 10, 2024

Fresh starts. Square one. Clean slate. There are times when we plan and expect the changes in our lives. Occasionally, we’re blindsided by upheaval. Whatever the case, we’re called to adjust to these reroutings—whether we want to or not.

I’ve long noticed that during sudden shifts I tend to adapt quickly, navigating the turbulence with a positive, forward-looking mindset. It’s rarely forced. I pretty much can’t help myself. Hi, it’s me, the Brightsider.

I’ve often pondered how the Brightsider—this inner cheerleader of mine—came to be. Was I simply born that way, or did the circumstances of my life shape me into one who sees the silver lining? Probably both…the old nature vs. nurture debate.

There’s one aspect of my personal history that could have played a role: from the time I was born until I entered high school, our family moved nine times.

Nine. Times. Before age 14. Talk about the need for adaptability!

My parents were in high school when I was born. Mom was entering her sophomore year and dad was a junior. They were married by the time I arrived, but lived separately with their parents until dad graduated. Once they got out on their own, our little family migrated from place to place throughout my hometown for a dozen years.

I attended three different elementary schools and then junior high, all within the same school district, then moved to a neighboring city for high school.

Relocating this often was tricky. Leading up to high school, I was the new kid in class every couple of years. From my young perspective, each change of address felt like I was going to a different state altogether. Friendships were temporary. In those days of letter writing, rotary phones and busy signals, communications were slow and staying in touch was no picnic.

Looking back, I see the patterning that eventually formed in response to all these moves: accept, adapt, proceed with optimism.

But early on, being the New Girl was awkward and intimidating. I felt unpolished, unknown. I can still hear the inner convos with myself, striving and determined to feel okay, searching for a sense of security, for trustworthy connections. Will the teachers like me? Which of these kids can I trust? With each new scenario, my ever-changing BFFs would eventually gravitate to me and for a while I’d feel safe again. Then another move would transpire and the next new path was revealed.

I can’t pinpoint the exact time it shifted for me but along the way the nerves stopped. I was now my own source of stability. It became natural and easy to meet new people. Exciting, even. I became my own primary best friend, comforted and secure even when alone.

One could argue that this evolution takes place regardless of outer circumstances. As we mature, our confidence grows, right? Still, I believe the steady diet of forced changes in my youth helped to speed up the development of my self-awareness. Nature vs. nurture, indeed. 😉

The Soul Guidance Reading for this week provides a template for resetting our energy, so that we can firmly move ahead toward new horizons. It’s a Chakra Journey, one that we all can embark on!

Here’s the reading. Enjoy!


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