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Own Your Magic…You Marvelous Being!

By angela
September 27, 2023

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my car accident in 2012 and how I needed to rehab my back for a month or so. I briefly mentioned that it was the beginning of my intuitive card reading journey. What I didn’t share was that this “beginning” stretched out for well over a year, thanks to a hefty dose of self-doubt.

While I rested in bed, a friend stopped by with gifts: an angel oracle deck and a Zen tarot deck (still my true-blue fave!). At the time, my reasoning game was strongggg, and I relied solely on intellect to solve life’s challenges. Or so I thought…

Over the coming weeks as I studied these cards and learned the spreads, I was my greatest cynic. I talked myself out of every aligned reading, chalking it up to coincidence.

Until I read for a certain random stranger.

You see, growing up I had relied on my ability to approach problems with a clear and analytical mind. So as I played with these decks I was initially skeptical, viewing it all as a mere novelty. I didn’t even believe I HAD any intuition (cue one gigantic LOL from future me)!

But with each reading, the alignment deepened. At first—still resistant—I attributed this to my growing understanding of the cards and their interpretations. I convinced myself that my logical mind was getting better at making educated guesses. Makes sense, right? (lol more logic)

The following year I purchased a booth for a small Spirit Fair at a local yoga studio. I felt SO out of my league, and somewhat a fraud. Still, I swallowed my pride and my nerves and sat at that booth like a boss. Guests came through in a continuous flow. One woman sat down with her friend and the first angel card I pulled was “Teresa,” which was her name. I got a few tingles out of that, but still didn’t fully buy into the magic. Coincidence!

Enter this random stranger I mentioned above. He sat in front of me, arms folded across his chest, his body language saying, “NO.” His energy was totally daring me to “read his mind,” which I didn’t believe for a second I could do. (I still don’t believe this.)

As Foldy McCrossy Arms sat there in his defensive stance, I pulled three cards for him. I’ll never forget them: Children, Creativity, Energy Healing. I asked him if he had kids (Spirit told me “no” but of course I ignored that nudge). Sure enough, no kids.

I went on, “I feel that you could embark on a creative endeavor of sorts and it will have a healing effect on children.”

He sat up and leaned in, unwinding his arms, relaxing them by his side. He told me, “I’ve written a book and a song, and am currently shooting a short film to fundraise, and the proceeds will go toward pediatric cancer research.”

Oh wowwww. I then pulled some tarot cards as his wife sat down next to him. She gasped and pointed at the Adventure card and said, “That is the image on our movie poster! That’s it!”

Dangggggg! My entire body was tingling and vibrating, in my magic.

In this week’s Soul Guidance Reading, we find a flow, into the fullness of who we are. My wish for you is that you find your magic, and stay there!

Enjoy. xo


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