Join us July 30th for a soul – inspiring virtual event of

spiritual connection and personal growth



SATURDAY july 30, 2022

The Grounded Dreamers Mystical Faire is a half-day online gathering with a brilliant group of practitioners who will guide you in your personal and spiritual growth.

The Mystical Faire takes place on Zoom and has an “open house” format, so you can check in at the beginning and leave—then come back just before your scheduled sessions.


It’s easy to enroll!


Purchase your entry ticket below and then schedule your session(s).

There is no session limit, but be sure to account for private vs group session time blocks (30 vs 60 min) so there’s no overlap!


Private sessions are 25 minutes.
Group sessions are 55 minutes.

Plan to check in at 10a pacific time, for opening comments and to receive the group reading and meditation from Angela. Then you can leave (or hang out in the gallery!) and come for your scheduled sessions.


About 3-5 days prior to the event, we’ll email your schedule, supplemental materials (if applicable) and zoom link.

If your sessions require other preparations, we’ll email this general information with your order confirmation.

The Mystical Faire promises to be a soul-enhancing day,and we hope you’ll join us!

Read about our panelists and select the Faire below to begin your journey:

Pricing Mystical Faire



Your initial $44 entry fee includes:

1/ Entry into the faire

with an introduction to the practitioners;

2/ A FREE 10-minute Soul Guidance Reading to the group,

from Founder Angela Marie at the start of the event;

3/ A brief clearing meditation

as we prepare for our sessions,

4/ One session of your choice

(private or group).

Once enrolled, you can add additional sessions(private or group) for only $33 each!

Enrollment Fee - $50( Fixed Cost )

Enroll now and Choose Mystical Faire Product

Numerology Readings | Aura/Color Readings

Aleesha Jordan

private sessions

Aleesha’s certifications include Reiki, advanced Pranic Healing and over 20 years of Numerology experience. She’s a certified heartmath coach with a passion for interior design. She’s excited to teach people how to work with the vibration of color and cycles to change their lives.

Aura and Color Readings: Aleesha will look at your aura and work with her color code to tell you what’s around you, what’s challenging you and what to change in order to move forward with less stress and more success.

Numerology: Tell Aleesha your bday and she will tell you about cycles, patterns, and how to work in harmony with your present circumstances to experience more peace and happiness.

The most common feedback she gets from clients is they experience calmness, clarity, and have a plan.

meet Aleesha

Soul Guidance Readings

Angela Marie

private sessions

Angela Marie (Founder of Grounded Dreamers) is an intuitive reader who has been providing Soul Guidance for over 10 years. Using various decks of oracle and tarot cards, she tunes into your inner being for inspiration.

Each reading is a unique journey designed for spiritual expansion and for becoming more of your truest Self. Information is channeled and guided by a divine natural flow, following the ever-shifting energy of Spirit.

meet Angela 

Tarot | Pendulum | Numerology

Carol St. James

group sessions

Carol St James has worked as a psychic intuitive for over 40 years. She is a gifted reader and teacher. For this event, she is pleased to be offering three group classes for beginners.

Beginning Tarot: Learn the basics of tarot reading and how to recognize and utilize your intuition. Come with your tarot deck in hand!

Pendulum Basics: This class is interactive and fun. Please arrive with your pendulums and questions.

Numerology for Beginners: Learn about how numbers can be helpful in decision-making. All you need for this class is a pen and paper.

meet Carol 

Astrology | Tarot | Pranic Healing

Davida Patrick Moore

Private and Group Sessions

With decades of experience, Davida loves sharing his connections to the Cosmic Mind through Astrology and the Tarot. See Behind the Curtain of Life with an Astrology reading. Discover more personality driven energies, past, present, and future in a Tarot reading. Be ready to take notes so you can implement the insights that resonate with you. If a general energy cleansing more aligns with your needs at this time you’re in luck. Davida is a certified Pranic Healer and always reads to cut cords, sweep clean your aura, and balance your chakras. Or treat yourself to a condensed masterclass on, “The Power To Love.” Namasté

Private Sessions: Astrology or Tarot Readings, Pranic Healing

Group Session: The Power To Love

meet Davida 

Hypnotherapy | Shamanic Healing

Holly Marie

private and group sessions

Holly Marie is a practicing hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner. She has been initiated to carry forward the Q’ero Indian lineage and traditions from the High Andes of South America.  Holly Marie uses ancient, multi-dimensional clearing techniques, modern knowledge and intuition to help people see deep into their subconscious and beyond. The system Holly has developed allows her clients to easily work through hidden beliefs, programs and trauma that are held on a cellular level. When these energy imprints are cleared, true empowerment and emotional freedom take place. Many of her clients seek Holly for deep rooted trauma’s that need to be cleared through the DNA, inner child work, soul retrievals, forgiveness and emotional clearing to free themselves of mental slavery.

Holly offers both private and group sessions:

Private Sessions: We will be tracking a mental or emotional blockage stuck in your body. I use a pendulum to identify what chakra is being affected and I will have you release the unwanted energy through your breath as I clear it on my end. You will then replace the unwanted energy with a new frequency and I will illuminate your chakra system with the new frequency.

Group Session: We will do a shamanic journey based on the group’s energy. Spirit is always guiding, so I will simply tap in and facilitate what’s needed. Journeys are intended to bring in wisdom or clear energy.

meet Holly Marie 

Somatic Drawing | Wheel of the Year

Olivia Spencer

group sessions

Olivia is a teacher and healer who sees humans as landscapes. Trained in plant spirit medicine, trauma recovery, and traditional holistic women’s health, she uses somatic and talk therapies, herbs and guided meditation journeys, to restore people to their wild, natural state.

Olivia offers two group sessions (maximum 12 guests):

Somatic Guided Drawing: Exorcize some of the emotional dead-weight you’ve been carrying around with this exhilarating somatic practice.

In a meditative state, with eyes closed and a crayon in each hand, you’ll be guided inward to channel what you’re feeling onto the paper in front of you, clearing your energetic pathways and improving intuition and focus.

Most participants are astonished by how much clearer and less burdened they feel after just one session.

You Are Here: For many thousands of years, humans were stewards who lived in flow with the cycles and rhythms of Nature.

In this class we’ll use sacred geometry, guided meditation and ancient teachings to initiate a global shift by reorienting ourselves to the Wheel of the Year of our ancestors, an ancient science written by the hand of Nature.

Weaving ourselves back into The Wheel, we find the meaning and direction our spirits have been longing for—the meaning and direction the world needs to be reminded of.

meet Olivia 

Maria Mellano
Tammy Matsumoto

The Soul Consoultant/Clairvoyant

Tamara Gabbard

private sessions

Tamara aka “The Soul Consoultant” is a certified copywriter and SEO content specialist who uses her intuitive gifts and clairvoyance to help heart-centered entrepreneurs struggling to connect to their value—moving them from scarcity to abundance using proven methods in the business and esoteric spaces.


“Change your narrative; Change your life.”: You will get a slam course in ‘Marketing Your Magic.’ As ‘The Copy Consoultant’ she offers marketing tips, copywriting, and SEO strategies to help Gandhi-up your marketing while keeping your ‘passion over profit’ mindset intact. The goal is to build strong, positive narratives around your offerings as a spiritual-wellness practitioner that attracts clients that value them too. However, her professional and practical advice can be applied to any entrepreneurial journey.


Intuitive Oracle Room Reading: As a clairvoyant and energy worker, Tamara G. uses traditional tarot and oracles to guide her as she “reads the room.” She gives practical answers to subconscious questions, delivering messages direct from the Universe. The Soul Consoultant then taps into the energy of the room to connect with those who are called to receive. Her gift allows her to clear out programming and build your life around what your soul needs rather than what the body wants. Her practical advice is forged in decades of intuitive channeling, a lifetime of Universal tethering and guidance, clairvoyance, and her profound connection to nature. 

“I can help you do it because I’ve been through it.”

meet Tamara 

Breathwork | Meditation

Tammy MatsumotoL.Ac.

private sessions

My licensing is in Acupuncture, but I have been incorporating many other modalities of healing in my sessions for the last 18 years. My focus is to meet my clients where they are at and guide them in the direction of balance, self-awareness, and inner peace, all of which lays the foundation for the deeper healing that awaits them. One modality that plays a vital role in this foundational work is the breathwork because it is the key to the door of self awareness and presence; bringing oneself back to the here and now for clarity and calm.

The short breathwork that I will be guiding you through at the Mystical Faire will give you a taste of the healing sanctuary that is already within you and that feeling of “coming home.”

meet Tammy 

Tammy Matsumoto

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