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How do you fare under pressure?

By angela
May 24, 2023

Hey Dreamers,

Have you ever put yourself in a time out? When aggravated and facing an obstacle, how do you usually respond? Do you push through to the finish, or take a softer approach?

Recently I was locked out of the back end of my website (unsurprisingly, at the exact wrong time). I needed access, now! Faced with the dreaded spinning wheel, I swear I could hear Spirit laughing mockingly as it went round and round.

I logged out, and back in again. Spin, spin, spin. 

I tried a bunch of ways to get it working: reset the password, deleted cookies, cleared the cache, rebooted the laptop. Spin spin spinnnnn. After about 20 minutes I was irritated, cussing a bit (lol) and approaching anger.

Then I did something out of character. I shut the laptop down. 

Honestly, “old Angela” would have DUG IN here, unrelenting and not taking “no” for an answer. I would have pressed and poked and prodded until I had this thing going again, no matter the cost to my sensibility. 

Instead, I ignored the entire scenario. The next morning, refreshed from a good sleep, I logged in. It was still spinning. This time I called tech support and was able to resolve it. It wasn’t an obvious fix—it was quite techy, which validated my decision to stop forcing an outcome the previous day. I would never have figured it out!

This week’s energy reading reminds us to change gears when pressure is too high. Let go and just BE. Wait for answers, allowing for the Universe to guide you to a resolution.

I really love how this reading unfolds. Hope you enjoy it too!

Watch the full reading here.


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