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Go for it, Dreamers!

By angela
July 12, 2023

Hello Dreamers!

When I pulled the cards for this week’s reading I immediately felt a powerful new energy in my gut. It wasn’t the usual fluttering tension I sometimes feel when excited. It was more like a sudden exhale, rapidly settling into tranquility and alignment.

My body at its core was saying, “Ahhhh yessss. This.” 

As acknowledged in last week’s reading, we’re always in the midst of change. Unlike last week’s guidance though—where we explored how to cope with the big change of tsunami-like energy that can leave us feeling powerless—this week’s “big change” is a welcome (and expected) one.

It’s that thing you’ve been hoping and planning and waiting for, showing up in a way that seems like it’s happening all at once. Yay! 

And the cards came through in sublime order: 

TOADSTOOL/sudden growth spurt

DAFFODIL FAIRY/new beginnings

FOGGY BOG/pause and wait for clarity

SPIRIT OF SUMMER/expand into the light

Watch it all unfold here:



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