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First Eclipse of 2023

By angela
April 18, 2023

Hello Dreamers!

Eclipse season is upon us and you may want to hunker down—it’s a big energy week and a pivotal time for positive change.

The first eclipse of 2023—a new moon total solar eclipse in Aries—occurs in the US late Wednesday/early Thursday and promises to bring huge soul shifts. It’s a time to shake off the dead energetic weight and clear the path for creating an All New You!

You may be feeling these vibes already. Have you noticed a little wobble in your soul? A restless vibration, perhaps? Good. You’re tuned in!

To balance this transformational energy, Taurus will lend a (grounded) hand as the sun transitions into the sign of the Bull. Fight any mental confusion or compulsive urges that may arise by practicing present moment awareness…breathe it out!

Though we have been in the pre-shadow phase for a couple weeks, on Friday Mercury is officially retrograde in Taurus. Notice where there may be disconnect between your mind and body. Practice some integrative modalities such as yoga or meditation to get grounded and aligned.

This week’s Soul Guidance Reading may provide support as you navigate these energies. Head over to my YouTube channel for this quick update. If you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe to stay connected as the channel grows!


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