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Eclipse Vibes: Are you hanging in, or hanging on?

By angela
April 10, 2024

In my day gig as a bookkeeper, my busy months range from December to April. It’s typically a bit hectic, but manageable. Over time, I’ve developed a specific rhythm and workflow that gets me through tax season quite well.

Since welcoming in new clients the past few months, I’ve found this year’s tax prep to be more overwhelming than usual. In addition to a higher volume of work overall, I was caught off guard by some changes in regularly expected deadlines. These change requests came from my largest client, who has four companies to track. Normally I’d just accept his request, switch gears and make it happen, but this year wasn’t so smooth. With four new clients, I had many more balls in the air than in previous years.

Let me tell you…the juggle is real!

These changes and the increased work activity began building up in February. The closer it got to the lunar eclipse in March, my energy was all jammed up, cutting me off from the clarity I usually hold. My mind kept racing ahead, to an imaginary future day where I would look around at the pile of work at my feet, realizing I have failed to deliver.

In truth, this “Failure Day” never actually arrived.🙃

I didn’t know this, though. At the time, it felt like all I could do was to hunker down and get through the pile of work. It felt like I was living in a tunnel, unable to move in any direction except forward—toward the light. More than once I had to stop and check my calendar to see what day it was. Not much existed outside of my little work bubble and the multiple fires I was chasing to put out.

In hindsight, I see how the first eclipse season of 2024 has folded into my experience. I see how in recent weeks, a redirect was developing. I was slowly preparing to expand my bookkeeping practice, which was my “dream plan” all along.

In general, lunar eclipses often signify endings or culminations, releasing old energies, and internal changes. Solar eclipses can bring about clarity (darkness to light), new beginnings, and external changes.

It has become increasingly clear that between March 25 and now, this has been my very path.

For a year or two, it’s been my desire to expand the bookkeeping practice so that I could free up time to dedicate toward Grounded Dreamers. It wasn’t feasible before the twins’ graduation (not unless I was willing to give up a slice of my sanity), so I put it aside for a while.

I’ve envisioned that I would: a) hire support staff, and b) bring in new business. It would have been awesome to do it in that order: new staff, then new clients. In reality, the clients happened to arrive first—hence the recent scrambled, bogged-down days.

As March rolled along, I began to feel into this dream plan of mine. I started to notice things that weren’t working, details in my workflow that I could do away with. Once the lunar eclipse arrived, my inner being was in full recognition of what needed to fall away.

As this insight was forming, I continued in my push toward deadlines for multiple clients, knowing I wouldn’t begin to put my plan into action until after tax day.

And then, just when I thought I couldn’t handle another balance sheet or client call, bam! April pops in with its solar eclipse, shining a spotlight on my future path. In the days leading up to April 8th, candidates for my new virtual staff began gravitating to me. I’ve been envisioning the website’s look and feel with increasing clarity. I can now fully imagine new clients flowing in as I assign them to the staff members. It’s like someone flipped a switch, and I can finally see through the fog of overwhelm.

Soon, it will be my new reality: Grounded Dreamers Business Services. Yay me!

The Soul Guidance reading this week covers one of many ways to manage the powerful eclipses and these transitional energies: get grounded, recognize and establish energetic support, then strengthen your inner vibration as you expand into your future. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe even gain a little clarity of your own!

watch the reading here!


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