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Eclipse shifts: do you feel it too?

By angela
May 3, 2023

Hi Dreamers!

I don’t know about you, but this eclipse season has me feeling quite restless inside. If I were to choose one word for the current state of my inner being, it would be “bubbly.”

It’s not too evident in my outer world. Daily life has been business as usual. No big challenges are in my way. My schedule has been fairly manageable and I’m getting work done. Life appears to be normal—from the outside.

But something’s rising up inside, like a pot of boiling water. It feels slightly unstable, but not in a disastrous way. I’m just feeling a little antsy, like there’s a surprise waiting ahead. 

The energy will have to go somewhere, right? It won’t just bubble on indefinitely. It could settle down, or fade away, or it could explode! To gain clarity on these restless vibes, I grabbed my Chakra Wisdom oracle deck for a “root to crown” assessment. Cleanse, anyone?

This week’s energy reading brings an opportunity for a total vibe clearing and a fresh start in an area of your life. Whether you seek a total energy makeover or just some minor unblocking here and there, this reading offers steps to clearing your stuck places—in preparation for a new path ahead. 

Visit my YouTube channel to view the entire reading. Click here. Enjoy!


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