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December Vibes: Take A Breather

By angela
December 6, 2023

December. Holiday season. Winter. Year-end. A time to pause and reflect.

Um…on what planet? For me, this time of year is A LOT. Prepping for holidays (shopping, planning, baking, cooking, gifting…and all that clean up) as a single mom is enough of a challenge, but I also have year-end tasks in my bookkeeping business as well as the girls’ birthday celebration to plan for—one week before Christmas.

[Angela Hack: I typically spend Thanksgiving alone (my choice) so I can zen out and prepare my whole Self for the month ahead.]

This year, I aim to change how I navigate December.

My life wasn’t always set up this way. During the 80s and most of the 90s, I used to sail through the winter holidays, unencumbered by stress and deadlines. All that was asked of me was to show up at the family gathering prepared to feast, with a few simple gifts in hand. But for the past couple decades, December has consistently been my most challenging month.

This “end of the year madness” started out modestly enough, with the arrival of my first born in 1996. During the holidays (and all the other days lol), the majority of my energy and attention was readily available for my son. At the time this was totally doable, especially with a partner to share the workload. For eight years, life was busy enough but not “busy busy.”

Then the twins were born, kicking things into another gear. Soon after, I became single and then a bookkeeper and holy smokes! I can easily feel in my sense memory the way I pushed myself beyond comfort just to get it all done. The stress in my body was palpable. My mind chatter dial was set to eleven (my fave “Spinal Tap” ref, IYKYK). It often felt like a struggle for survival and retreat was not an option.

[Whoa, girl. Cut yourself some slack.]

In recent years, I’ve been gradually mellowing in December. As the kids embrace adulthood and their autonomy, my role in their daily lives has diminished. The workload remains, but I’ve intentionally honed my ability to maintain balance. Personal time has begun to take up more space in my days. Mornings and evenings are now spent enjoying “me” time. I still get things done, but the bulldozer energy is no longer in charge.

I continue to embody and strengthen these new habits. This December, my intention is to carry on with this easeful rhythm, throughout the month and well into the future.

The Universe must be vibing with me, because this month also plays host to a Mercury retrograde cycle. A time to pause, reflect, plan. Move with the present energy. Ahhhh, yes.

This week’s Soul Guidance Reading asks us to slow our pace and use the time to feel, connect, and plot our next moves—welcoming in a fresh start in the coming year.

Kick back and enjoy, Dreamers!


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