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Deceit, betrayal and how to move on

By angela
June 21, 2023

I remember the first lie I ever told. I was five. And I wasn’t very good at it…

My sister was around 9-10 months old, and I told my mom that it was Michele who had written ANGELA on the wall—in fresh black marker. (I told you I wasn’t a good liar! lol) 

Mom, in her classic firm-yet-loving tone, assured me she knew the truth. And that pretty much marked the end of my lying days (give or take haha). 

It just didn’t feel good getting caught. The truth always reminds me of bubbles forming underwater. They may elude capture for a time, floating around and hidden deep below. But eventually they all rise to the surface, no matter how hard one tries to keep them suppressed.

It also doesn’t feel good being lied to. When you experience betrayal, how do you typically respond? Is there a noticeably strong reaction? Do you fight and push back at the deception? Dig at it and investigate, asking a lot of questions? Or do you retreat and go somewhere to lick your wounds? 

In this week’s Soul Guidance Reading we explore ways to move through—and beyond—acts of deceit with as little heartbreak as possible. Protecting your energy by employing your Higher Self takes priority here. Join me on YouTube:

Respond to Betrayal with your Higher Self


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