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Courage and the Warrior Heart

By angela
June 28, 2023

Dearest Dreamers,

One of the more challenging periods of my life was 15 years ago, when I was divorcing my ex.

Thankfully, it was not an acrimonious divorce. We both had known for some time that the alignment was off between us, and also in each of our souls. Still, it was a tough few years after the split, raising three kids on my own (twin toddlers!). I carried a lot of fear, stemming mostly from financial insecurity. The ex provided support, but as a home-based mom it was a rough transition back to stability.

Looking back, I now see how close I came to slipping into some unusually dark circumstances. Luckily, I’m what I call a “brightsider” and can typically make the shift from doom to hope. 

Though I didn’t feel powerful at the time, I in fact had an extraordinary amount of tenacity within me. Onward I traveled, no matter the weight of the load on my back. 

My mantra was “it’s all going to be okay” even though I wasn’t sure exactly HOW.

Side note: I later dated someone who would get fully irritated with me when I would say this. My positivity angered him, like he really wanted things to NOT be okay. (K byeeee) 

This week’s Soul Guidance Reading shows us one approach to realigning our energy and filling our heart space with fearlessness.

It’s all going to be okay!

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“Speak up—and show up—for yourself.”

~Angela Marie~ 


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