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Complacency to Clarity: A Chakra Journey

By angela
June 14, 2023

For several years now, I’ve back-burnered some goals while I guided my kids into adulthood. My youngest two graduated from high school last week (oh the relief lol) and now just a few days later, I feel my energy shifting and heading in a new direction. It’s as if there are soft blasts of air coming from behind, lightly propelling me forward. 

I feel creative and inspired and it’s marvelous and I’m milking every moment. 

I’m finding that the more I remain in grounded presence, the clearer my path becomes. There are these small yet clear signals from Spirit that are showing up with purpose. Every next step is a natural progression from the last. Downstream vibes!

So in the spirit of flow, I decided to pull from the Chakra Oracle deck this week, to discover some ways to align as we make moves toward our next goals.

Check it out:

Soul Guidance: Forward, Focused, Aligned


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