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Big Picture Vibes: What are you reaching for?

By angela
August 16, 2023

Hello Dreamers!

Around fifteen years ago, Spirit delivered a message to me: 

Oh hey girl (yes, that’s how we talk to each other), it would be pretty cool if you were to create a virtual gathering space for Souls to visit so they could experience connection and upliftment together.

Me: Thanks, Big S…I like it. I’ll roll with this one!

At first, I saw this concept as a simple blog site, with one other section that had positive human-interest stories, like we now see on Upworthy (which was formed a few years after my vision came through).

Flash: Grounded Dreamers did not start out as a blog, and I soon saw that it was meant to become much more. 

Spirit whispered, “Reach higher.”

Spirit provided the core concept, and then gently carried me forward as I expanded and finessed it into a bigger vision. The journey has not been without obstacles. I mean, I didn’t even begin to develop it until two years ago. (Life. Enough said.) Along the way, I’ve had many stops and starts, overblown budgets, speedy growth spurts followed by super slow periods, and some flat-out fails.

“Reach higher.”

Every now and then, as I’m climbing this figurative mountain toward my goal, I get discouraged because I’m focused on how far I am from its full fruition. When feeling disheartened, instead of resisting and pushing harder (or slipping into despair), I’ve learned to STOP AND BECOME THE MOUNTAIN, shifting to a higher perspective.

From this vantage point, I can see it all—how far I’ve come, how fulfilling this has been for me, the wonderful Souls I’ve encountered—and off in the distance, I see the fully realized rendition of Grounded Dreamers.

Big Picture Vibes, Dreamers!

This week’s Soul Guidance reminds us to stop and become the mountain now and then. Check it out here!


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