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About Us

Our Mission

Grounded Dreamers envisions that every being can create a joyful, abundant life, with space for everyone to thrive.

Our mission is to provide tools and offer ideas that will help people transform negative energy and develop their true potential—raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

What is a Grounded Dreamer?

A Grounded Dreamer serves as a bridge between realms. Remaining rooted in “reality” while simultaneously connecting to Spirit.

With our feet on the ground, we establish a firm foundation from which to dream and raise our vibration to a new level.

About Angela

Angela Marie is an intuitive reader who has been providing Soul Guidance since 2012.

Using various decks of oracle and tarot cards, she tunes into the client’s inner being for inspiration.

Each reading is a unique journey which is channeled and guided by a divine natural flow, following the ever-shifting energy of Spirit.

Visit and subscribe to Angela’s YouTube channel and enjoy her general energy update readings and more.


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