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3 Ways to Clear Energetic Blocks

By angela
June 7, 2023

Hey Dreamers!

Do you know what I’m getting better at these days? Catching myself in resistance mode. For most of my early life I would push, force, and squeeze my way through obstacles, until my entire being felt muddled and dense. But I triumphed! (lol) My ego loved a good battle, especially when I finally won.

I may have felt victorious, but at what cost? After each (struggled) win I’d find myself virtually anchored to a lower vibrational energy, and it would often take a long time to untangle it all. I’d be so far from alignment that I couldn’t easily find a way back to my core.

Push, pull, strain, jam, steamroll. Again and again. 

After time—and with consistent, focused Soul work—I became less rigid. My tolerance for misalignment began to narrow. Now, when there’s too much buildup in my mind or on my heart, I notice it right away—sometimes on the spot. And I can redirect my energy back to center with ease.

This week’s Soul Guidance Reading offers up three simple meditative practices that can help release these energetic blocks. With practice you can begin to feeling lighter, freer and more aligned.

Check it out here:

Reading: Pure Heart, Clear Mind, Freed Soul


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